Our History

  Art and Phyllis were earning a living in the carnival business travelingPicture of the Old Tilt-a-Whirl throughout the Dakota's and Minnesota in the late 1950's early 1960's. They traveled with a miniature farm show, saw mill and a pony ride. After adding some small rides an opportunity came along to own a whole show in the fall of 1966. A & P Enterprise Shows was started in 1967 by Arthur and Phyllis with 10 gas powered rides. Throughout the years, with the help of their children and grandson many new rides and concessions have been added.   





Midway Photo from 1968

 1968 Midway PhotoA&P Enterprise Shows now owns 25 rides and 30 food and concession stands. The amount of equipment changes to meet the needs of each event. To power this we carry up to 5 generators that have UL listed boxes and wiring to pass all state and federal electrical codes.